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Plant Therapy

Respir Aid Shower Mist

Respir Aid Shower Mist

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Transform your shower into a haven of natural wellness with our Respir Aid Shower Mist. Enriched with the pure, refreshing scents of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Pine, this mist is your ally in clearing congestion and enhancing your breathing experience. Its coniferous aroma, with a sweet twist, invites joy and revitalizes your senses.

Simply spray it on your shower walls and let the whole bathroom embrace the uplifting fragrance. Whether you prefer a subtle whisper or a more robust scent, the choice is yours – just adjust the amount you spray. It's our little secret to making wellness as simple and enjoyable as a walk in the park. And thanks to non-toxic cleansing agents like decyl and caprylyl glucosides, dirt and grime are loosened, making their way down the drain, leaving your space both smelling and feeling fresh.

Indulge in the natural goodness and let every shower be a step towards feeling your best. With Respir Aid Shower Mist, breathe in wellness, breathe out joy.

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