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Itinera Ultra Comfort Body Cream (12.51 Fluid Ounce)

Itinera Ultra Comfort Body Cream (12.51 Fluid Ounce)

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What is it?
Ultra Comfort Body Cream with oat straw from Veneto, 24-hour skin hydration. (12.51 Fluid Ounce)

Why use it?
It has been used since the olden days for its beneficial skin properties. The oat straw is sourced from farms in the Veneto region. Its extract has emollient, softening and protective properties. Oat bran is a source of B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, protein, fat and minerals. It is also rich in phenolic compounds, with antioxidant and soothing properties. As well as beta glucan, a soluble fiber with significant nutritional properties  that is appreciated for its natural ingredients that makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

It ensures exceptional comfort and 24 hours of hydration. It contains almond oil, sunflower seed oil and glycerin that has emollient and conditioning properties. In addition to this, it has glycerin glycoside. Glycerin glycoside is a sugar derivative that preserves the skin’s moisture level with humectant and conditioning effects. It also has aloe vera juice, whose gel guarantees hydration and elasticity, and Vitamin E that is widely recognized for its antioxidant and moisturizing qualities.

Oat straw is sourced from farms in the Veneto region. Its extract is known for its emollient, softening and protective properties that enriches this range of cleansers. Back than it was used for its beneficial skin properties but today we are using it to enhance the cleansing formula of the Hand Soap with oat straw from Veneto.

Butter Cream: “A caress with sweet and delicate nuances. A lulling sense of freshness. The scent of the skin after a vanilla bath. The dreamy redolence of jasmine at night. A new dawn, an awakening of the senses”.

Bottle is made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET, bottle and cap are 100% recyclable

Produced and packaged in Italy
Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 in

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