DSS-M Installation Guide

This guide should help with the installation of the DSS-M steam sauna models. Follow along using the diagram or watch the video below. If you experience any issues with the installation please reach out to our support team.

Frame Installation Steps

1. Start by building the base of the frame by following the diagram. Using (4x) part A, (4x) part F, and (2x) part I.
2. Now you can continue to build up the corners with (2x) part B and (2x) part A.
3. At this time you can complete the back wall using (2x) part D, (2x) part F, (1x) part A and (2x) part C.
4.1 Go ahead and add part E by connecting it to part C and part B.
4.2 On the opposite site add part G , connecting it to part C and part B.
4.3 Now add part H to part G. Part H acts as a gate which latches into part E when it is closed.  

Tent Cover Installation Steps

1. Remove the tent cover from the protective sleeve.
2. Fully unzip the tent cover and lay it out on the floor.
3. Place the tent frame into the square base of the tent cover.
4. Start by zipping up the back side first and then proceed to zip up the front section.
5. At this point you can place your chair on the inside.
6. You can now plug the steam pipe into the back of the tent at the steam port.
7. You are now ready to add water to the steam generator.

Steam Generator Installation Steps

1. Fill the generator compartment with water up to the maximum water level indicator, 2” from the top. At this point you can add your favorite aromatherapy oils.

2. Connect the generators steam pipe to the back of the steam sauna via the Y-splitter. You can now connect the power plug into a wall outlet or surge protector.

3. Be sure to adjust the steam pipe on the inside of the steam sauna so that it is pointing in a safe direction away from your body.

4. To turn on the generator, please rotate the dial to your desired time. The maximum time is 60 minutes.

5. The generator will start producing steam within 10-15 minutes.  

How to set up the sauna frame video

Build the steam bath frame within 5 minutes while following along in the video. You can slow down the video by clicking on the cog wheel where you can adjust the playback speed.