How To Clean Your Sauna

The materials used to make saunas are durable, safe and easy to clean. To fully enjoy your sauna experience and the benefits that come with a sauna, it is very important to clean your sauna often. Depending on how often you use it is how often you should clean it. Most users should clean their sauna at least once a month, daily use will require more frequent cleanings. A clean sauna is the most effective and will provide the user many years of use. 


What Do You Use To Clean a Sauna?

The steam generator should not be plugged in and/or operating while you're cleaning. If you find any dirt, mud or stains, you can easily wash it out with a dish detergent mixed with warm water using a washcloth.

You may also use one of the recommended essential oils. Lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint and orange oils used in a study were effective against 22 bacterial strains. You can use a spray bottle to mix essential oils with warm water. Spray the mixture everywhere on the inside of the sauna and then use a washcloth or towel to wipe up the moisture.

We strongly DO NOT recommend the use of household chemicals. Certain chemicals can react when exposed to high temperatures as well as inhalation of fumes from household chemicals. 


What Should I Do After Each Sauna Session?

After every sauna session you should always wipe up any excess moisture with a cloth or towel to prevent any mold or bacteria from forming. Then allow it to air dry in between your sauna sessions. Ongoing maintenance of your steam sauna will help to minimize the hazards of accumulating moisture, dirt, and bacteria in these rooms. 


Additional Tips

We recommend you use purified or distilled water as hard water contains minerals and calcium salts. Once the steam cools, these magnesium and calcium salts precipitate, forming a lime buildup that is hard to clean.


Saunas have several health benefits including relaxing muscles, reducing muscle and joint pains, boosting immunity, stimulating circulation, and detoxifying your skin among other benefits.

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