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How To Clean Your Infrared Sauna

The materials used to make saunas are durable, safe and easy to clean. To fully enjoy your sauna experience and the benefits that come with a sauna, it is very important to clean your sauna often.

Depending on how often you use it is how often you should clean it. Most users should clean their sauna at least once a month, daily use will require more frequent cleanings. A clean sauna is the most effective and will provide the user many years of use.

So, whether it is just simple cleaning or you want to get sweat stains from your sauna, you can follow the practical steps highlighted in this post.



The sauna should not be plugged in and/or operating while you're cleaning. Use a vacuum to remove any dirt or loose material before you begin to clean the floor.

White Vinegar + Warm Water = Cleaning Solution

You can use a mixture of white vinegar and warm water in spray bottle (3/4 pure vinegar and 1/4 purified water). Spray the solution onto the floor to begin cleaning. Once you have washed the floor you can now use a dry cloth to wipe up any remaining liquid.

Non-Toxic Soap + Essential Oils = Cleaning Solution

If you prefer you may also use one of the recommended essential oils. You can mix essential oils (essential oil is highly concentrated, so all you need is just a drop or 2 in the water) with warm water and non-toxic soap into a spray bottle. This will give off a pleasant smell in the inside of your portable sauna. Lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint and orange oils used in a study were effective against 22 bacterial strains. 

We strongly DO NOT recommend the use of household chemicals. Certain chemicals can react when exposed to high temperatures as well as inhalation of fumes from household chemicals.

Natural based cleaners:

Cider Vinegar or Vinegar

Rubbing Alcohol

Baking Soda

Lemon Juice

Non-Detergent Soap



The exterior of the sauna is made from a nylon material and was designed to resist stains. This fabric does have some weaknesses and can be stained by many liquids. Mud, blood, wax and oil will leave their mark on nylon.

In all cases, you should blot not rub the stain. Blotting will help lift the excess material and prevents it from spreading. Using a damp warm cloth to blot should help remove the stain.



Your infrared sauna comes with some essential parts like the foldable chair, heated footpad and depending on the model; a removeable collar. The way to clean these parts is the same as you would do the interior. 

You do not need to use the vinegar mixed with water to clean the footpad; mild soap will be sufficient. Please pay special attention to these parts while cleaning. You can place the removeable collars into the washing machine.


Ongoing maintenance of your infrared sauna will help to minimize the hazards of accumulating dirt, and bacteria in these saunas while protecting the longevity of your investment.

Saunas have several health benefits including relaxing muscles, reducing muscle and joint pains, boosting immunity, stimulating circulation, and detoxifying your skin among other benefits.

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